Press Release: New ARB Report Finds California Regions are Falling Short on Climate Goals, as Pollution from Driving Increases

California’s carbon emissions from transportation are on the rise. A report released today by California's Air Resources Board finds that regional efforts to reduce those emissions are not on track.

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Real solutions to California's housing crisis: An update and a look ahead

California’s affordable housing crisis has reached a fever pitch. Here’s an update on:

  • New state legislation that could help. 
  • Propositions 1 and 10 on the November 6 ballot.
  • Our ambitious longer-term campaign to end displacement.
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Proposition 6 — What’s at stake?

Last year, ClimatePlan was a part of a coalition of over 80 organizations that worked to improve Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), which raises $54 billion for transportation projects in California. Now Prop 6, on the November ballot, would repeal SB 1. 

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What we heard at the Global Climate Summit—and what we wish we’d heard

Last week, I served as a delegate to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. I walked away invigorated by the scores of bold pledges to decarbonize our economy. But it also left me wanting more.

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San Joaquin County has a new plan for growth. How does it measure up?

This summer, the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) adopted a new plan for growth for the next 20 years — including how the region will invest $11.6 billion on transportation. 

The San Joaquin Valley is suffering now from some of the worst air quality in the state, as this summer's terrible wildfires fill the Valley with smoke. Climate change is creating warmer temperatures, which leads to more dry fuel and intense heat waves: this creates the conditions for wildfire season to start earlier, last longer, and affect larger areas. Transportation investments that lead to more cars on the road could exacerbate poor air quality in a region already suffering.

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