ClimatePlan is a network of dozens of organizations; together, we are changing how land-use planning and transportation investments occur throughout California.

This work is critical to meeting California's ambitious climate change goals  and we aim to achieve much more. Our vision is to create a healthier, more sustainable California, where people of all backgrounds and incomes have the opportunity to thrive.

  • Planning Holistically in the Face of Climate Change

    In 2018, Local Government Commission released a report entitled, Bringing Water and Land Use Together. This report focused on identifying the challenges -- as well as the opportunities -- around moving California toward a more holistic approach to managing water and land resources. As noted in ClimatePlan’s Strategic Direction, Californians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. From wildfires, droughts, and flooding, it is critical that California starts to pursue integrated approaches around water and land use to address the challenges California faces.
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    Governor releases ambitious Executive Actions. What’s next for California’s transportation system?

    Almost two weeks ago, Governor Gavin Newsom released an ambitious set of executive actions targeted at advancing California’s climate leadership. California continues to set the bar for the nation in its efforts to fight climate change through its innovative policies. With laws like SB 375, which require regions in California to develop plans to show how they will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) from passenger vehicles and light duty trucks—and an ambitious target of reducing emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030—it’s clear that California’s leadership on climate change provides a model with global implications.
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