Here’s 3 more reasons why we need stronger targets

In December, we gave you 5 reasons why we can adopt stronger SB 375 regional targets. On March 22nd, the Air Resources Board will adopt the next round of SB 375 regional targets. We don’t believe these targets go far enough. Here’s why.

Here are the hearing details if you can attend:
Thursday, March 22nd, 9:00am
Location: Riverside County Administrative Center
4080 Lemon Street, 1st Floor
Riverside, CA 92501

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For 2018, no little plans

One of the nation's first urban planners said, "Make no little plans. ... Aim high in hope and work."


Given what we're facing, that's our only choice.

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The Governor's new budget proposal: What looks good and what's still missing

On Tuesday, Governor Brown released his state budget proposal for 2018 - 2019. This is a big deal: it's where we see the state's priorities. California is now an international leader on climate change, with progressive equity policies. Are the funds there to support these goals?

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A Letter from the Director: Looking ahead to 2018

As this year comes to a close, there are many things that I am thankful for. ClimatePlan is a diverse network that I'm proud to be part of. Over the past three months, I've been listening to you as we've worked together. Here's what I've heard and what I think we can do together in 2018.

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Time for stronger targets: 5 reasons we can do this


Tomorrow, the Air Resources Board (ARB) will hold an informational hearing on the SB 375 regional targets. ClimatePlan supports stronger targets. Regions must -- and can -- do more to reduce greenhouse gases. Here's why.

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Our Strategic Direction


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