Clean Air Day & Proposition 30 - Coalition For Clean Air

The Coalition for Clean Air is a California-based nonprofit working to protect public health, improve air quality and prevent climate change. In the last 50 years, they have successfully sponsored the California Clean Cars law, established Smog Check for trucks, and passed legislation to invest billions of dollars of funding for reducing pollution and providing services and jobs in disadvantaged communities. Continue to read more about Coalition for Clean Air's work and learn how to get involved!

ClimatePlan is excited to use our platform to feature one of our network partners Coalition for Clean Air and the work they're doing - thank you Sofia Rafikova for contributing this blog!

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Land Use Policy Reform in CA - Urban Environmentalists

Urban Environmentalists is a community of 4,500+ grassroots activists transforming cities and towns into more sustainable, human-centered, and just communities through land use policy reform. Continue to read more about Urban Environmentalists’ work and learn how to get involved!

ClimatePlan is excited to use our platform to feature one of our network partners Urban Environmentalists and the work they're doing - thank you Joanna Gubman for contributing this blog!

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Increasing accessibility to Zero Emission Vehicles: Introduction to GRID Alternatives and ClimatePlan's work

ClimatePlan is teaming up with GRID Alternatives and Access Clean California partners to conduct an analysis on zero emission vehicle policy and funding. This work will build on both ClimatePlan’s decolonizing transportation campaign and Access Clean California.

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Webinar Alert- Local Ballot Measures: The Future of CA Climate Policy?

ClimatePlan is excited to announce our next webinar, “Local Ballot Measures: The Future of CA Climate Policy?”. It will be next Tuesday, July 26th, at 4 pm; click here to register.

This webinar is part of our decolonizing transportation funding campaign. The campaign aims to increase transparency and access regarding transportation decision-making, policies, and funding. Read more about the campaign here. Our most recent effort was a report card that graded ten state transportation funding programs against ten criteria important to the ClimatePlan network. 

Now we want to zoom into the local level. Specifically, we want to explore ballot measures and local option sales tax (LOSTs). LOSTs are a common source of local transportation funding.

Join us to learn how advocates on the ground across CA are mobilizing around current local ballot measures.

Update: Watch the webinar recording here:

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Missed Climate Targets and Misalignment of Transportation Funding - We Need AB 2438

California has been considered a national and global leader in addressing climate change by adopting climate policy that sets bold greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets and addresses historical inequities in our transportation sector.  Despite the suite of aspirational targets, reports such as the draft 2022 Scoping Plan and draft SB150 report indicate that California will not meet its climate targets. This is why ClimatePlan is co-sponsoring AB 2438, a bill to align transportation spending with our climate targets.

With the rise of global temperatures and declarations of climate emergencies there is a clear need for bold climate leadership. Will the CA Senate Appropriations Committee bridge the gap between aspirational goals with the tangible policy needed to accomplish them by voting AYE for AB 2438?

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