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The California Mobility Justice Advocates Network is a group of advocates across the state working on intersecting issues of mobility justice, community safety, climate resilience and racial justice. We believe in the intersectionality of equity issues and understand that climate threats exacerbate already challenging conditions for our communities, so we look to combat these threats through our work. 

ClimatePlan is excited to use our platform to feature our network partner PolicyLink and the work they're doing - thank you Axel Santana for contributing this blog!

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Calling all ClimatePlan partners: Sign on to our SB 150 letter

Early this month, the California Air Resources Board released a Draft 2022 SB 150 report. For those that may need a refresher, the SB 150 report tracks progress on how regions are meeting their greenhouse gas emission targets. You can read more about it here in Streetsblog. Unsurprisingly the findings of the draft 2022 SB 150 report are remarkably similar to the previous report, California is still not meeting greenhouse gas emission targets. Instead, GHG emissions and VMT are still increasing across all regions.

The urgency is clear within the draft, and there is a clear focus on implementation. But we still don’t think there is accountability to the actions laid out in the report. ClimatePlan has drafted a comment letter commending CARB and their implementation plan, but we call for more transparency and accountability.

Join ClimatePlan in urging CARB to take leadership in “coordinating” actions from the SB 150 report. To sign on to this letter, complete this google form: The deadline for comments is July 14th, 2022. We will be accepting sign-ons until July 14th, 12:00 pm.

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Recap: Rallying with Frontline EJ Leaders on urging CARB to adopt a bold and equitable Scoping Plan

Members of the ClimatePlan network rallied with hundreds of environmental justice activists at the June 23rd California Air Resources Board (CARB) meeting, urging the board to adopt a strong and equitable Scoping Plan. The 2022 draft Scoping Plan outlines a suite of strategies to move California in meeting their targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and harmful air pollutants across various sectors. Many members of the ClimatePlan network have participated in the stakeholder process by advocating for near term solutions that will get California moving on carbon neutrality with an emphasis on protecting the public health of frontline communities adversely impacted by pollution and a push to expand renewable energy that will help create good sustainable jobs.

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ClimatePlan is joining the Pricing Conversations: Recap of Road Pricing Discussion in CAPTI workgroup

On May 25th we hosted a CAPTI workgroup meeting focused on pricing. The meeting had initially stemmed from the interest to track the pricing strategy in CAPTI. In the last few years ClimatePlan had not focused much on pricing and we wanted to assess the network’s interest. To preface the conversation, we invited two guest speakers, Stuart Cohen and John Gahbauer, whom have both published research on pricing of the transportation sector. If you are interested in learning more about pricing, we created this handy fact sheet about pricing

The meeting was set to answer two questions:

  • Is there interest in strategizing and tracking road pricing together?
  • If there was interest, is the CAPTI workgroup the space to effectively do so?

It was essentially a will we or won’t we situation. And it turns out, we will...

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UPDATE: ClimatePlan Priority Bills Heads To The Senate

As bills are working their way through the legislature, ClimatePlan wanted to follow-up on some key climate bills we have been supporting. We wrote a blog about it here if you don't remember.  We are happy to report that many bills have made it off of the Assembly floor and are heading to the Senate! Senators will have the opportunity to vote on this legislation in the coming weeks. The passage of these pieces of legislation promotes public health, greenhouse gas reductions, equity, a regenerative economy, and better coordination between state agencies and local governments.

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