Drive Transformative Policy Change

ClimatePlan will advance ambitious policies to reshape California’s housing, land use, and transportation systems. These policies will address historic inequities, promote public health, advance sustainability, and conserve natural and agricultural lands.


Invest in data-driven solutions that advance environmental and equity goals on housing, transportation, and land use
We will develop and circulate well-researched solutions that protect the environment, while increasing housing access and affordability near transit stations and jobs, especially for those who need it most: low-income communities and communities of color. Our research will show how California can both protect land by curbing sprawl and directing new growth into existing neighborhoods, as well as prevent displacement and preserve affordable homes.

Put California on track to achieve climate goals
Ten years ago, California made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through coordinated strategies addressing housing, land use, and transportation. However, the state and its regions are not making the necessary progress. Through coordinated advocacy, we will promote legislative and agency solutions that increase accountability. These may include tying state funding to progress on climate goals and strengthening the connection between local, regional, and state actions to reduce emissions. We will take care to ensure that strategies to address climate change do not place further burdens on low-income communities, e.g., contributing to displacement or community instability.

Ensure transportation spending aligns with climate, equity, conservation, and health goals
In 2017, the state passed a $54 billion transportation bill, SB 1; while this was a start toward change, over 80% of state transportation dollars still go toward roads and highways. Through coalition-building and policy development, we will work together to align state transportation dollars with climate, equity, conservation, and health goals. We will advocate for better performance measures, improved monitoring, strong champions of equity, climate, conservation and health on state decision-making boards like the California Transportation Commission, and community-led decision-making processes for transportation investments.


Our Strategic Direction


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