Build Bridges Across Issues and Geographies

Since its inception, ClimatePlan has embraced its role as a learning network: a space where advocacy organizations and leaders from other sectors can come together to find common ground. By working across issue areas and geographies, partners amplify their work and achieve greater impacts on policy and systems change. We are building a thriving movement that connects housing, land use, and transportation, all the way from towns to cities to the state.


Connect advocates across the state to share lessons and build a stronger, smarter movement
ClimatePlan’s partners have pioneered many innovative strategies. They helped create programs that tie transportation funding to climate, conservation, and housing goals, like the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Program. They helped pass ballot measures like Measure R and M for Los Angeles County, which raises over $160 billion dollars over 40 years for transportation—with 70% of the total dedicated to transit. They helped pass state legislation in 2017 that provides much-needed funds to address California’s housing crisis. ClimatePlan will continue convening partners regularly to share what is (and is not) working and to host trainings with technical experts to build partners’ skills.

Address the hard issues to build a united coalition
ClimatePlan’s partners represent a wide variety of issue areas and geographies. With this level of diversity, conflict is expected, and in some cases necessary, as we seek better policies that achieve California’s climate, health, and equity goals. Through facilitated retreats, day-long convenings, and network meetings, we will create space for our partners to share ideas and address concerns before they surface in public forums. As conflict arises, ClimatePlan will bring partners together to seek solutions that build trust and power among our partners.


Our Strategic Direction


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