Announcing ClimatePlan’s Advisory Board: Want to join these fantastic people?

We have been working diligently to build ClimatePlan’s Advisory Boards that will reflect diversity in issue area, perspective, background, and geography for the last several months. We believe, and have always believed, that no single organization can do this work alone. ClimatePlan has found strength in being a broad-based organization that convenes like-minded- and not-so- like minded groups together to drive transformative change. 

There are still several spots to be filled on our boards. If you are interested in ClimatePlan’s Governance Advisory Board or ClimatePlan’s Policy Advisory Board, please contact Nailah, [email protected]

In the meantime, allow me to introduce ClimatePlan’s new Advisory Board...

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The Need to Elevate VMT Reduction Strategies; Recap of the October Mobile Source Strategy Hearing

On October 28th, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) conducted a public hearing to consider approval of the Mobile Source Strategy. For those who don’t know, the Mobile Source Strategy is an integrated scenario planning effort that identifies strategies to reduce emissions from mobile sources to meet climate and equity goals.

We see the Mobile Source Strategy as an opportunity to advocate for the importance of vehicle miles traveled reduction to the entire board. This blog is a recap of that meeting and ClimatePlan’s comments. This blog also provides next steps as the mobile source strategy has been sent to the legislature. The short of it is, the ClimatePlan network can step up to advocate for reducing vehicle miles traveled, especially in ways that provide access to resources and reduce air pollution for environmental justice communities.

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Take the pledge for Clean Air Day!

Clean Air Day is next week and we as an organization, and staff are making our commitments now. Read more about our commitments and take the pledge with us! The link is here.

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How Accountable is the Road Repair and Accountability Act (aka SB 1)?

SB 1 workshops are starting up again beginning Tuesday, September 21, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Some partners in this network have long contributed to the advocacy around SB 1, and know the drill. Joining these workshops is vital for reinforcing and holding the California Transportation Commission (CTC) accountable to shifting transportation funding. Money needs to go to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address inequities in mobility as required by the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI). 

However, this year the workshops are less accessible, and it will be harder to ensure there are shifts in transportation funding. For this reason, the Road Repair and Accountability Act is not living up to its name. The CTC needs to create more ways for stakeholders to engage in the discussion. We are encouraging folks to advocate for this as well. 

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Join ClimatePlan CAPTI workgroup

The California Transportation Commission has adopted the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI), but there is more to be done. Building off the momentum that advocates (including ClimatePlan and our network) and agency staff created, ClimatePlan is announcing our workgroup! Read more below for background on CAPTI, its importance, and how to get involved. 

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