Regional Work: Road User Charge in San Diego

In 2022 ClimatePlan worked with Assemblymember Laura Friedman on AB 2438, a bill to align California’s investments in transportation infrastructure with the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI). While AB 2438 was vetoed at the Governor’s office, the charge of cutting through the institutional inertia of a government as expansive and complicated as California’s to get on a path for meeting the state’s existing climate goals remains - the work must move forward. San Diego is a place where we see that conversation unfolding in real-time.

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Personal Reflection on Race in the Climate Movement, Part 3

As we begin to round out Black History Month and ClimatePlan’s series of personal essays on identity and climate (here are Moiz’s and Nicole’s), I’ve been reflecting on why transportation justice is so important to me. I came to ClimatePlan, after years of organizing around various environmental justice issues. Early in my organizing career, I learned the difference between environmentalism and environmental justice the hard way. Once, I sat through a meeting where people named trees by their scientific names but asked me for a nickname because ‘Nailah’ was too difficult. I heard predominantly white communities advocate to preserve land for birds but were silent about waste treatment centers sited next to me and my BIPOC neighbors. What always floored me was these two different worlds were often separated by a road. 

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Regional Work: Funding Climate and Transportation in Sacramento

As a network of dozens of organizations across California, ClimatePlan’s work is both statewide and regional. Aside from working to affect state policy and agencies, ClimatePlan works with our on-the-ground partners in each region to ensure we’re informed on what’s happening locally by the advocates engaged in their own communities every day. While our audience is broader than any one region, we think it’s important to share with our network what we’re up to and what we’re noticing across the state.


Aside from being California’s state capital and workplace of the state government, Sacramento is also a city, county, and region with its own local context. While Sacramento’s community has long been engaged in efforts to address climate change, this blog will focus on a few current developments that ClimatePlan has been following.


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ClimatePlan's Statement on the Governor's 2023-24 Budget

SACRAMENTO, CA- Today Governor Newsom released his budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. We urge that the Governor and state leaders stay committed to equitable and sustainable climate and transportation investments.

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Personal Reflections on Race in the Climate Movement, Part 2

 As a team of people of color in the climate movement, the ClimatePlan team is conscious of how race and ethnicity impact our work. Often, during team meetings, we find ourselves discussing how to handle microaggressions or how it feels to be the only POC in the room. After the recent comments from some LA City Council members, we felt obligated to say something but were exasperated that we had to. We settled on giving each team member space to share their personal experience about subtle and not-so-subtle ways our identities are challenged in the climate movement.  We invite you to read this series with an open mind and open heart

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