Governor Brown Signs Legislation Aligning State’s Progress on Climate Change with Regional Goals


SB 150 Brings the State Closer to Achieving Goals Related to Climate Change, Health, Conservation and Equity

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Send Your Letters to the Governor: Get SB 150, AB 179, and AB 17 Signed!

There are three very important transportation bills at the Governor’s desk, now awaiting his signature. It’s time to make your move. Send a letter today urging the Governor to sign these important bills to help us: tackle climate change, increase representation on the state transportation commission, and provide free or reduced fares for low-income students to ride public transit.

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An Education and a Great Pleasure

Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of working with ClimatePlan’s impressive network of over fifty non-profit partners, plus allies in public agencies, the private sector, and academia. Working with such smart, dedicated people — working with you — has been both an education and a great pleasure.

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Big News from ClimatePlan

We’re writing to share some bittersweet news. After eight years with ClimatePlan, ClimatePlan’s Director Carey Knecht will be moving on to join the California Air Resources Board as an Air Pollution Specialist with their Sustainable Communities program. Her last day will be September 11. 

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Legislative Round-Up: Charting the path towards Sustainable, Equitable communities

Last Friday was the deadline: all bills needed to move out of their house of origin (either the Senate or the Assembly) by the end of last Friday if they wanted to continue forward. It was a flurry of activity in the Capitol as legislators – and advocates – worked hard to ensure key bills that improved the lives of Californians moved forward.

Today, we’re sharing some success stories! Here are a few bills moving forward in the Legislature that we believe will help achieve ClimatePlan’s vision of a healthier and more vital California that supports sustainable, equitable communities, preserves iconic landscapes, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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Our Strategic Direction


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