ClimatePlan 2020 Priorities and Actions

California will not meet its climate goals unless we make meaningful and dramatic changes across housing, land use, and transportation.

The ClimatePlan network is at the forefront of climate change, housing, land use, and transportation. ClimatePlan envision a healthier, more vital California that creates sustainable and equitable communities, preserves iconic landscapes, and significantly reduces climate pollution. To achieve this, ClimatePlan is advancing powerful policy solutions at the local, regional, and statewide level that leverage cross-sector collaboration and reach across geographies

2020 Listening Sessions

In early 2020, ClimatePlan staff traveled across California to meet with regional and local advocates from a broad range of sectors, including  climate, transportation, housing, environmental justice, equity, labor, and land use and conservation. In a series of seven workshops, we heard where our colleagues and network partners are facing challenges, where they see the greatest opportunities, and where they can benefit from our advocacy in their regions and in the Capitol. 

2020 Current Priorities and Actions

Below are ClimatePlan’s current priorities and actions. 2020 has embodied that the only constant is change; we acknowledge that these priorities may shift and/or change depending on what’s happening. As things change, we will continue to update these priorities and actions--and keep our network informed. 

Interactive Network Map

One of the outcomes of this work is the interactive network map you see above. This map highlights ClimatePlan's membership reach as well as how deeply interconnected our advocacy sectors are across their shared work. A housing project isn't just about housing—it's a transportation project, a land use project, and a piece of the broader socioeconomic framework that structures our lives and our communities.

In the coming months, ClimatePlan will continue to update this map so it can be used as a tool for network partners to connect with each other, as well as showcase different organizations and networks across California. 

To learn more about our current priorities, especially in light of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, please read Chanell Fletcher's blog post, "We are listening and ready to do the hard work: ClimatePlan 2020 Priorities and Actions

To learn more about our 2020 Listening Sessions, please review ClimatePlan's presentation here. You can also view our Listening Session memo on our Resources page. Or you can read Christopher Escarcega's blog post, "Around the State in 24 days: 2020 Listening Sessions (Part 1)"

Our Strategic Direction


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