Our Strategic Priorities

Since 2006, California has passed the strongest climate change legislation in the nation. In 2016, California set a goal to reduce its climate pollution 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. The state continues to set ambitious goals to curb the threats from climate change.

However, a 2018 report from the California Air Resources Board showed that emissions from the transportation sector—the state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions— continue to grow because Californians are driving more, not less.

It’s clear that California will not meet its climate goals unless dramatic change happens in housing, land use, and transportation. These challenges intersect. Fortunately, so do their solutions.

We can make powerful change on each of these fronts. Not only can we meet climate goals, we can improve public health and make neighborhoods safer by investing in walking, biking, and good public transit. We can build affordable homes for all income levels, close to good jobs and multi-modal transportation options that are safe and convenient. And we can protect California’s irreplaceable agricultural and wild lands as well as our precious ground and surface waters.

ClimatePlan’s approach has three components that support each other:

Drive Transformative Policy Change
We collaborate with partner organizations to advance equitable, healthy, and sustainable housing, land use, and transportation policy.

Amplify Community Voices
We build community power by offering technical assistance, trainings, and seed grants to elevate policies built upon our local and regional partners’ priorities and direction.

Build Bridges across Issues and Geographies
We convene diverse non-profit organizations across the state to create sustainable, healthy, and equitable communities, and to build knowledge and create change.


Our Strategic Direction


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