Updating Plan Bay Area: Kick the Tires, Tighten the Bolts, and Get Moving

Guest post by: Matt Vander Sluis, Program Director, Greenbelt Alliance

Adopted in 2013, Plan Bay Area is a groundbreaking regional strategy for how the San Francisco Bay Area can grow in a smart way. Hailed by many as the most progressive Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) in California, it envisions no sprawl for the next generation, focusing most new development near transit, including homes for people across the income spectrum.

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Mind the Gap: the Sacramento Region’s 2016 Sustainable Communities Strategy

Leading, and lagging

Right now, the Sacramento region is updating its Sustainable Communities Strategy for 2016.


Map of the Sacramento region’s 2016 Draft MTP/SCS Preferred Scenario

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ClimatePlan is hiring!

Come join our team as our next Policy Manager!

Use your professional skills to to help make California more healthy, equitable, and sustainable.

Download the job announcement here. (PDF)


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A call for justice: Southern California groups call on SCAG to improve its Environmental Justice Analysis

Guest post by:
Beth Steckler, Deputy Director, Move LA
Michele Hasson, Regional Director, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

Southern California has big plans. That is, the six counties in the region making up the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) do. They’re planning to shift transportation investments and encourage more urban-style development, to help reduce driving and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the state’s largest region.

This is promising. But it must be done thoughtfully.

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So far so good? Checking in on the new Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities program

For a long time, advocates have called for more funding to support climate-friendly development, and now, with the new Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program, it’s here. (Hooray!) The program funds compact development near public transit, so that by reducing the need to drive, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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