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The California Transportation Commission has adopted the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI), but there is more to be done. Building off the momentum that advocates (including ClimatePlan and our network) and agency staff created, ClimatePlan is announcing our workgroup! Read more below for background on CAPTI, its importance, and how to get involved. 

What is CAPTI

CAPTI is a framework with ten guiding principles and eight strategies that directly call out how California should shift its transportation planning, programming, and investments to meet our health, equity, and climate goals. 

CAPTI has 8 overarching strategies:

  1. Cultivate and accelerate sustainable transportation innovation by leading with State investments.
  2. Support a robust economic recovery by revitalizing transit, supporting zero emission vehicle (ZEV) deployment, and expanding active transportation investments.
  3. Elevate community voices in how we plan and fund transportation projects.
  4. Advance state transportation leadership on climate and equity through improved planning and project partnerships.
  5. Support climate resilience through transportation system improvements and protections for natural and working lands.
  6. Support  local and regional innovation to advance sustainable mobility.
  7. Strengthen transportation-land use connections.
  8. Monitor implementation and report progress.

Why is CAPTI important

While ambitious, CAPTI needs to be more than a plan. It needs to produce measurable, actionable, significant policies that will advance equity, health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For too long, California's state funded transportation programs have gone to fixing and expanding roads and highways. The chart on the right illustrates this point. Instead, investments need to go towards projects that reduce GHG emissions, lower vehicle miles traveled, make committed investments to low income communities, and encourage behavior change. In sum, there needs to be more climate friendly transportation options.

How to get involved

Join ClimatePlan's workgroup! Meetings are every fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PT. The workgroup will be focused on creating strategies to advocate for the implementation of the CAPTI actions. We will also be tracking how agencies are monitoring and reporting CAPTI progress. Linked here is a chart that highlights how CAPTI applies to transportation (and other) planning and funding programs.

If you would like to join, please email [email protected]. The next meeting is September 22nd. 

If the workgroup times don't work for you, here are other ways to get involved:

  • Meet with decision and policy makers.
  • Add your name to ClimatePlan sign on and comment letters. 
  • Give comments at workshops of the funding programs or CTC meetings.
    • The next meeting is October 13-14th.




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