Dismantling the walls of segregation: AB 686

One week after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, in an attempt to address rampant segregation and national outrage, the Fair Housing Act (or Civil Rights Act) of 1968 became law.

The Fair Housing Act created a powerful mandate: more than just prohibiting discrimination, federal agencies must actively work to dismantle segregation and create equal housing opportunities. This is also known as the obligation to “affirmatively further fair housing” or AFFH.

Now under threat at the national level, that fair housing obligation could become law in California if our state legislators pass Assembly Bill 686.

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Air Resources Board (ARB) releases final targets!

Since SB 375 was passed in 2008, California has changed significantly — including more ambitious climate goals. However, some things remain the same. Transportation continues to be the single largest emitter for greenhouse gas emissions in California. Emissions from passenger vehicles alone jumped 4.4% in 2015. If we want to achieve our state’s ambitious climate goals and continue California’s unprecedented leadership on climate change, we can’t simply maintain regional greenhouse gas (GHG) targets.

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Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 179 into law last week!

We’re so excited, we just can’t hide it! Last week, we received so much good news.


Thanks to the leadership of Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, AB 179 is now law. AB 179 requires the Governor to ensure that the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has a diverse membership. The Governor must take into consideration factors that include socioeconomic background and experience working in, or representing, disadvantaged communities.

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Governor Brown Signs Legislation Aligning State’s Progress on Climate Change with Regional Goals


SB 150 Brings the State Closer to Achieving Goals Related to Climate Change, Health, Conservation and Equity

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Send Your Letters to the Governor: Get SB 150, AB 179, and AB 17 Signed!

There are three very important transportation bills at the Governor’s desk, now awaiting his signature. It’s time to make your move. Send a letter today urging the Governor to sign these important bills to help us: tackle climate change, increase representation on the state transportation commission, and provide free or reduced fares for low-income students to ride public transit.

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