Like bike lanes and transit? Hope you like the Sacramento Kings too.

sacramento-kings-suing-after-player-was-injured-by-exercise-ball.jpgWhat do the hoop dreams of a software mogul have to do with CEQA reform?  As of last night, everything.  In the waning days of session, strange things happen in Sacramento.

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Putting CEQA to work for Sustainable Communities

The ongoing debate over changes to the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, has been marked by polarization, exasperation and, more often than not, mutually-assured destruction. Overreaching efforts to gut CEQA’s core environmental protections are met by equally fierce crusades to prevent any significant changes to the law. Every year this political drama plays out in the theater of the Capitol, and every year we see little movement on CEQA in either direction.

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FresnoCOG learns how to say “transit” in five different languages

fresnoCOg-photo2-300x199.jpgCommunity members showed up in force to make their voices heard at FresnoCOG’s May workshops for their upcoming Regional Transportation Plan.

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400 ppm and the Governor is loaning away climate funds?

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Even as he acknowledged that we are nearing a climate tipping point and that it will take two more years to recover the jobs lost during the Great Recession, Governor Brown yesterday released a budget that punts fighting climate change and tackling a still-sluggish economy to an undisclosed date in the future.

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SCAG Rocks the SCS, Literally

It’s the one year anniversary of Southern California’s groundbreaking SCS/RTP, so I made the pilgrimage to Palm Desert for SCAG’s annual gathering to see how the Sustainable Communities Strategy is playing out in California’s largest and most diverse region.

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