Update: Air Resources Board’s next steps

Good news! The state’s Air Resources Board has outlined a plan that should result in meaningful updates to regional greenhouse-gas reduction targets. At its meeting on October 24, the Board ultimately supported the direction outlined in the staff report. (This blog post offers more background.)

Here’s the upshot:

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Support a stronger law to reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change!

California is starting to make a huge change. The state is finally acknowledging that what’s bad for the environment (and for communities) is the amount of driving we do, not the amount of traffic.


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Tomorrow: ARB presents its plan to stay on target(s) to fight climate change

Tomorrow, California’s Air Resources Board (ARB) staff will present a plan for how it will update SB 375’s greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction targets. It’s been four years since the passage of SB 375 called on regions to meet GHG-reduction targets by improving their transportation and land use. This is the first opportunity for ARB to set new targets, to make sure regions are reducing greenhouse gases enough to fight climate change effectively. ARB is now proposing a process for the update.

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Nearing the Finish Line: Guidelines for New Affordable Housing, Sustainable Communities, and Agricultural Lands Programs Almost Done

The Strategic Growth Council has been busy! The agency has been creating two new programs to fund the creation of sustainable communities and preserve agricultural lands. Draft guidelines are now out, and we’ve summarized them below.


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Ding dong, LOS is dead! (VMT is here instead)

Action alert: Attend the workshop on November 3 in Sacramento to speak up in support of VMT and against LOS as a measure of environmental impact. The amount of driving is what’s bad for the climate — and the community — not whether cars are delayed.

Can’t make the workshop? Read the draft and submit comments by email by November 21.


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