ClimatePlan Releases New Report on Water and Land Use Integration in Bay Area

August 14, 2020

Press Contact: Chanell Fletcher, Executive Director of ClimatePlan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 510-695-1009

Oakland, CA -- Today, ClimatePlan announces a new report  - Overarching Principles for Land Use and Water Integration in the San Francisco Bay Area - that provides an overview of water and land-use integration in the Bay Area. The report details how land-use and water decision-making are separated, current challenges to integrating land-use and water within transportation planning, and what needs to be done to integrate these two elements.

ClimatePlan has been working closely with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), as well as regional nonprofits, to equitably integrate water and land use planning into Plan Bay Area 2050 and will continue to work with regional agencies to adopt the principles listed in the report.

Climate Plan Executive Director Chanell Fletcher says, "Water is essential for our survival. Yet cataclysmic climate change or continued development on the urban fringe could threaten our access to this vital resource. This report starts to create a bridge between how we plan our communities and how we manage our water to ensure that everyone has access to water." ClimatePlan's Americorps Civic Spark Fellow Nicole Cheng says "I am hoping this report highlights the interconnections between transportation, housing affordability, water affordability, and water supply, and builds upon the work before us."

ClimatePlan is a statewide nonprofit organization working to advance policies and programs that address the relationship between land use policy and climate change, and leverage the resources and partnerships necessary to realize more sustainable and equitable development throughout California.

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