Take the pledge for Clean Air Day!

Clean Air Day is next week and we as an organization, and staff are making our commitments now. Read more about our commitments and take the pledge with us! The link is here.

As an organization, we are committed to working and hosting meetings virtually as much as possible. Not only could this reduce emissions and waste, but it also increases access for our partners and other interested organizations. To accomplish this goal, ClimatePlan staff plans on working from home indefinitely. We will be getting stipends to trick out our home offices so we can create a safe, efficient working environment. When we do meet in person, we want to be mindful of the resources we use. We will try to host meetings along transit lines, bring in local vendors for refreshments, and not print excessively.

On an individual level, we have pledged to celebrate in different ways: 


I, Nicole, plan on limiting my online purchases each week. I also will encourage my friends to go on walks with me to the store, instead of taking their cars. The picture to the right is me “casually” posing on Lombard street as my friends and I walk to Fisherman’s Wharf. After all, when there is good street design, it can be the perfect time for a photo shoot.

Nailah here, (my son Naeem is pictured) we plan to do a few things for my Clean Air Pledge. First, we plan to start a garden in our backyard. Growing up, my parents always grew fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, and I want to do this for my son. The second thing we will pledge is to eat less meat. Hopefully, we can get down to two meals a week. 

Take the clean air day pledge with us! Link is here again or https://www.cleanairday.org/pledge/individual/climateplanca/. We look forward to seeing how the rest of our network celebrates clean air!

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