A Letter from the ClimatePlan Director: 2018 Reflections and the Year Ahead

Dear ClimatePlan partners, allies, and friends:

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! I can’t believe we’re at the end of 2018 already. Before we’re officially in 2019, I want to hit the pause button to show you how much we’ve done together.

Do you remember the start of 2018, where we committed to no little plans

We set 5 ambitious goals for our network this year:

  • Goal #1: Help California meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals and meet the needs of all Californians by advancing healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.
  • Goal #2: Address the affordable housing crisis through the intersections of race, equity, land use, water, and transportation. Build support for – and power of – ClimatePlan partners to advocate effectively for fair housing and intersecting issues.
  • Goal #3: Reform state transportation decision-making bodies to increase funding for healthy, sustainable communities and more equitable access for all Californians.
  • Goal #4: Hold state decision-makers accountable for meeting California’s climate goals by implementing strategies that reduce driving.
  • Goal #5: Ensure that regional agencies adopt – and implement – strong Sustainable Communities Strategies.

How did we measure up, you ask?

Setting goals isn't that effective if we don't have a way to measure our progress, right? Unlike my 2018 New Year Resolutions, which didn't really happen, here's what we've achieved in 2018: 

Thank you!

We achieved so much in 2018. What's the secret to our our success? You. Your participation, your leadership, your advocacy: this is what makes ClimatePlan thrive. ClimatePlan was founded around the idea that no single organization can unlock the interconnected challenges of housing, land use, and transportation. And it’s true! We can’t do this work alone. We rely on your collective knowledge and power to create change: so thank you for your continued partnership with ClimatePlan.

The year ahead: What comes next?

I hope you know that we don’t plan on slowing down in 2019. Our Strategic Plan ends this year, and we’ve been working with our network partners to debut our 2019 Strategic Direction. Stay tuned for its release in March 2019.

Also, as many of you know, I’ll be out on leave until May 2019! I’m excited to announce that Ella Wise and Christopher Escarcega will be acting as co-directors of ClimatePlan while I'm out. They will be working closely with our Steering Committee and partners to lead the network. I’ve gotten a sneak peak of some of things that they’re planning to do next year, and I’ll just say: there’s no stopping us now, we are on a roll. 

In closing: Happy Holidays ClimatePlanners, thanks for making this year so special,


Our Strategic Direction


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