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New research on gentrification, displacement, and avoiding both in the fight against climate change

Thanks very much to this week’s guest author for ClimatePlan’s blog, Dr. Miriam Zuk. Learn more about her research on this recent KQED Forum radio show and at Guest posts on ClimatePlan’s blog do not necessarily represent the views of ClimatePlan and all its partners. We invite and appreciate all guest posts on our […]

Sacramento legislative season update: the good, the bad, and the oily

September 15, 2015 by Carey Knecht, Interim Director Whew! This year’s legislative season, which ended last week, was quite a whirlwind. While ClimatePlan doesn’t endorse legislation, we work to keep our partners informed about bills that might influence all of our work. Hang on to your hat — here’s a high-speed rundown: Action on climate […]

Updating Plan Bay Area: Kick the Tires, Tighten the Bolts, and Get Moving

August 27, 2015 Guest post by: Matt Vander Sluis, Program Director, Greenbelt Alliance Adopted in 2013, Plan Bay Area is a groundbreaking regional strategy for how the San Francisco Bay Area can grow in a smart way. Hailed by many as the most progressive Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) in California, it envisions no sprawl for […]

Mind the Gap: the Sacramento Region’s 2016 Sustainable Communities Strategy

August 13, 2015 Guest post by: Matthew Baker, Land Use and Conservation Policy Director, The Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) Leading, and lagging Right now, the Sacramento region is updating its Sustainable Communities Strategy for 2016. The region’s 2012 plan was one of the best in the state, and we believe that leadership will continue. […]

ClimatePlan is hiring!

Come join our team as our next Policy Manager! Use your professional skills to to help make California more healthy, equitable, and sustainable. Download the job announcement here. (PDF) Role: As part of a small staff, the Policy Manager will play a crucial role in ClimatePlan’s campaigns and network-building. More senior candidates can take on significant levels of leadership. […]

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