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Advocates experience a windfall

By Maya Wallace, ClimatePlan Communications & Network Director April 14, 2014 As the economy comes back to life and we move towards a (likely) prompt passage of a budget this June, it is heartening to see the Governor and our legislators focus their attention on the effort to build sustainable communities. In the last few […]

State Transportation (Needs) Improvement Plan

By Maya Wallace, ClimatePlan Communications & Network Director We last heard from our steering committee member, NRDC’s Amanda Eaken, regarding the Caltrans review commissioned by Jerry Brown – a review that suggested a wholesale overhaul and realignment of Caltrans to better support California’s environmental goals. In her latest blog, Amanda takes the California Transportation Commission […]

Caltrans: Get with the times

By Maya Wallace, ClimatePlan Communications & Network Director January 31, 2014 Yesterday, the Brown administration released an eagerly anticipated organizational assessment of Caltrans. Major news outlets had a field day with the report; the Sacramento Bee focused on the report’s attention to poor performance management and a culture of fear and risk aversion. Many news outlets noted […]

#tbt: Talking ’bout Targets

by Autumn Bernstein, ClimatePlan Director Jan 27, 2014 The big news at last week’s ARB meeting on SB 375 wasn’t about cap and trade funding, nor was it about the San Joaquin Valley’s lurching progress toward sustainability. No, it was about targets. From the Big Four MPO “brothers” in their matching blue pinstripe suits, to […]

Show us the money — and more

By Carey Knecht, ClimatePlan Associate Director November 26, 2013 If you felt like you’d stepped into a scene from a Hollywood movie during last Thursday’s Fresno Council of Governments’ meeting, you could be forgiven. A lot of what transpired was reminiscent of the 1996 blockbuster Jerry Maguire: neogtiation, friendly amendments, debate, real talk about real […]

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