• Building a Better California

    Joining together

    ClimatePlan is a network of dozens of organizations who are improving land use and transportation planning to protect Californians’ health and climate, and bring greater equity to our communities.

  • Planning smarter

    ClimatePlan and its partners are helping California plan for growth that protects our climate while creating healthier communities and safer streets.

  • Tackling today’s challenges

    ClimatePlan and its partners are advocating for better transportation options, more affordable homes, and protections for land and water throughout California. Read the latest on our blog.

Around the State

Most Californians would like a job closer to home, an easier commute, and lower housing costs, but cities and towns must coordinate at a regional scale to get these results. ClimatePlan and our partners work to link local decisions, regional plans, and state goals.

What’s New

New report: “Leading the Way” on strategies for a more sustainable Californ...

By Carey Knecht, Director October 27, 2016 On Monday, ClimatePlan released a new report—Leading the Way: Policies and Practices for Sust...

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How regions can lead: Helping California meet big new goals to fight climate change...

By Chanell Fletcher, Associate Director August 29, 2016 The times in California are even more exciting than when I last posted, as on T...

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