Farewell, ClimatePlan

Over the past ten years, I consider it an honor to have worked and built deep relationships with ClimatePlan’s impressive network of over fifty nonprofit partners, plus allies in public agencies, the private sector, and academia. When I started at ClimatePlan in 2009, I was motivated by the vision that we cannot solve the issues facing our state--and even our nation--alone. We must find ways to authentically work together, and build power collectively. Now, in 2021, I feel privileged to have been a part of this network’s work and evolution. I consider it one of the greatest pleasures of my life that I had the opportunity to work closely with some of the smartest and most brilliant people in California (and beyond). 

This is my last blog post as a ClimatePlan staff member and it is incredibly bittersweet. I want to thank everyone for the lessons you’ve taught me, the meaningful work we were able to do together, and memorable experiences I got to share with each of you.

We’ve made a difference

Over the last three years as Executive Director of ClimatePlan, I have been proud to lead our work to strengthen laws such as SB 375 (Sustainable Communities Act of 2008), improve transportation funding through SB 1, and work collaboratively with partners to advance public health and conservation throughout all of the land use, transportation, and housing work we’ve done at ClimatePlan. Perhaps most importantly, I feel an incredible amount of gratitude in the ways in which ClimatePlan has become more forthright and declarative in the need to center Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and advance racial equity. I’ve seen the state take important strides to increase accountability for SB 375 and create a process to address racial equity within the transportation sector. Our work with state agencies, as well as our partnership with key legislative members, has resulted in the start of a shift in how we plan and build our communities. I am proud to be a part of ClimatePlan’s legacy and leadership on this front. 

Looking forward to what comes next

Very important work remains to be done, in my opinion, ClimatePlan is just getting started. I’m happy to say that in my new role, I’ll be continuing to support the leadership of networks like ClimatePlan. I will be joining the California Air Resources Board in February to lead their environmental justice work. I’m excited to partner with advocacy organizations in this new role to center BIPOC communities and collaborate on solutions that address the challenges these communities face. 

I am also excited for ClimatePlan’s next chapter. With our current staff team and Advisory Board, I am confident that ClimatePlan will continue to lead and build power across the state. 

Thank you

Finally, know that I have the deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone that I’ve worked with--especially those who mentored me as I took on this role. ClimatePlan has been a dream job for me, and words cannot express what this network means to me. I don’t believe this is a goodbye so I’ll see you all on the other side. 

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