Southern California


Southern California adopted its Sustainable Community Strategy in April 2016.

Find out more about Southern California’s SCS and Regional Transportation Plan.

At the same time, ClimatePlan released a new report measuring progress on implementing Southern California’s first plan, called “Toward a Sustainable Future: Is Southern California On Track?”

Quick Fact

The 2016 SCS doubled investment in active transportation–walking and biking–thanks in part to ClimatePlan and partner advocacy.

That investment is needed: according to the 2016 SCS, 38% of all trips in the region are less than three miles, convenient for walking and biking.

About the Region

The Southern California region includes six counties and 191 cities, with more than 18 million residents – over half of California’s population. It is expected to grow to 22 million people by 2040.

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is the agency responsible for developing the region’s Sustainable Communities Strategy.

SB 375 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets:   – 8% per capita reduction for 2020
– 13% per capita reduction for 2035

The 2016 plan says its implementation would result in an 8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per capita by 2020, an 18% reduction by 2035, and a 21% reduction by 2040—compared with 2005 levels. This would exceed the longer-term required targets.

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