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San Diego adopted its Sustainable Community Strategy in October 2015, and ClimatePlan is now monitoring its implementation with regional partners.

Find out more about San Diego’s SCS and Regional Transportation Plan.

Quick Fact

According to the San Diego Association of Governments, to achieve its 2020 goal of a 7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a resident could do one of the following:
• Telecommute to work one day a month
• Carpool two days a month
• Bike or walk instead of driving 10 miles a week
• Take the bus instead of driving 12 miles a week

Regional Overview

The San Diego region includes 18 cities and an unincorporated area, with total population of just over 3 million residents. By 2050, its population is projected to be over 4 million.

According to the 2000 census, when asked how they arrived to/from work, nearly 74 percent of San Diegans said that they drove alone. An effective Sustainable Communities Strategy will improve transportation systems and encourage well-planned communities that take advantage of existing infrastructure and transit corridors.

San Diego was the first region in the state to include a Sustainable Communities Strategy in its Regional Transportation Plan.

SB 375 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets:
–  7% reduction for 2020
– 13% reduction for 2035


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