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The Bay Area adopted its second Sustainable Communities Strategy, called Plan Bay Area 2040, in July 2017. ClimatePlan is working with partners to monitor its implementation.

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Quick Fact

In the San Francisco Bay Area, a study by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission found that when people both live and work within a half a mile of a transit station, they are ten times more likely to take transit.

Regional Overview

The Bay Area region includes 101 cities, nine counties, and more than 7 million residents, and is expected to grow to 9.3 million residents by 2040.

A number of agencies are involved in transportation and land use planning in the Bay Area, and joined together, along with non-profit organizations and other stakeholders, to work on the Sustainable Communities Strategy.  Ultimately, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, in conjunction with the Association of Bay Area Governments, is responsible for developing the SCS, called Plan Bay Area.

SB 375 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets:
– 2020: 7% per capita reduction from 2005 level
– 2035: 15% per capita reduction from 2005 levelSave






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