Big News from ClimatePlan: New Executive Director

Chanell Fletcher, ClimatePlan's former Executive Director delivers some exciting news.

Dear ClimatePlan partners and allies--

In February, ClimatePlan shared a note on its leadership structure. I am very happy to provide a much-welcomed update on the leadership at ClimatePlan: Nailah Pope-Harden will be ClimatePlan's next Executive Director. Many of you have already worked with Nailah in her current role as State Policy Manager and experienced firsthand her ability to weave together the necessary threads to build and mobilize an effective coalition for change.

If you have not had the opportunity to work with Nailah directly, know that she has been instrumental to ClimatePlan's success. From her collaborative leadership on California's first ever Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI)--which if implemented, will shape the investment of billions of dollars of transportation funding to combat the climate crisis, improve public health, and address social equity--to her persistent mobilization at the California Transportation Commision, which helped create the first Equity Advisory Roundtable, Nailah's leadership has embodied the foundation of ClimatePlan: no single organization can create the types of changes we need to address the challenges we are facing. As the new Executive Director, Nailah will continue to advance ClimatePlan's core focus: we must all work together if we want to advance transformative change in California. 

In addition to her work at ClimatePlan, Nailah has a strong foundation in environmental justice and community organizing. As noted in Comstock's Magazine, Nailah has been a community activist in Sacramento for over a decade and recently served on the Mayors' Climate Change Commission in Sacramento. She has been a featured speaker at many conferences and events, including the Emerge Breakout Session: Moving Racial Justice Forward, and has provided a number of trainings on racial justice and social equity to community based organizations, including partner organizations such as California ReLeaf. 

Nailah's expertise in environmental justice and social equity will be essential as ClimatePlan continues its journey to become an anti-racist organization internally and externally. 2021 will be a pivotal year for ClimatePlan--with the Strategic Direction ending this year, and staff and Advisory Board transitions, it is essential for ClimatePlan to have strong leadership grounded in collaboration and equity. That is Nailah--she is someone who continues to bring people to the table with her direct and powerful leadership. With Nailah at the helm of ClimatePlan, I am confident that this network will continue to shape California policy for years to come. Most importantly, I am confident this network will continue to thrive, grow, and expand. 

Thank you Nailah for your dedication and service to ClimatePlan--I am excited to see you continue to shine in this role as you do in every other role you've been in. 

With love and gratitude to this network and its new Executive Director, 



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