Legislative update: California Assembly passes AB 179 — a step toward environmental justice in transportation decisions

Good news! We’re one step closer to getting California’s transportation leaders to consider how their decisions affect low-income and disadvantaged communities.

AB 179 just passed the State Assembly, in a vote of 44 to 20. AB 179 (Cervantes, D-Corona) would require that one of the 11 voting members of the California Transportation Commission have expertise in environmental justice.

Official bill information here.

Specifically, AB 179 would require that at least one of the appointed members of the CTC have had experience working directly with disadvantaged communities, especially those burdened with or vulnerable to high levels of pollution. This follows the precedent of other state boards and commissions with environmental justice representation, including the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and the California Coastal Commission.

AB 179 will go next to the State Senate, where it will be referred to a Senate policy committee.

Stay tuned!

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