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i-love-clean-air-300x241.jpgCheck out the links below to find some great images of sustainable development and efficient transportation systems (please respect copyright requests and give proper photo credit when appropriate).  In addition, the link to NRDC’s Visions of Sustainable Communities will give you a sense of what types of design elements can be added to neighborhoods to make them more walkable, safe, and vibrant.

If you know of additional links that we could add to this list, email us at [email protected].


Greenbelt Alliance — Flickr Photostream

Reconnecting America — Flickr Photostream

Transportation For America — Flickr Group

New Urbanism — Flickr Group

American Farmland Trust, No Farms No Food — Flickr Group

Visions of Sustainable Communities
This online tool, from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),
uses photo-editing software to show how cities and towns from all over the country could create more pleasant, walkable neighborhoods.
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