Governor Newsom's Announcement puts California on the Right Track

Contact: Chanell Fletcher, ClimatePlan Executive Director, 510-695-1009 (cell)

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – ClimatePlan supports Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ambitious announcement today. ClimatePlan believes this announcement, coupled with strong implementation of previous Executive Orders, will put California on the right track to reduce emissions from the transportation sector -- which is needed because transportation is the single largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in California. 

More will be needed both to address the climate crisis and racial injustice. 

  1. Racism and segregation shaped California’s transportation system; this has created a system that has placed the burdens of our climate crisis most squarely on the backs of black and brown people. California must invest in transportation planning and funding that centers the communities most impacted by climate change and racial injustice if it wants to achieve a more equitable and just transportation system. 

  2. Clean vehicles alone cannot address transportation emissions; California will need to place a significant emphasis on policies and funding that make it easier for all Californians to safely walk, bicycle, and take transit. Land use planning--specifically making sure our communities are planned and built in a way prioritizes community engagement and sustainable, equitable outcomes is critical. 

  3. California must also focus beyond transportation to create opportunities to confront the climate crisis and curb systemic redlining, including nature-based solutions.  Successful forest management strategies practiced by indigenous people have been actively oppressed in favor of fire suppression technologies that can’t keep up with our changing climate. Extreme heat is the next climate-based health hazard confronting California and our most impacted, underserved populations.  Nature-based solutions that utilize our urban and rural forests as tools for change must be prioritized to address these issues. 

ClimatePlan is excited to partner with Governor Newsom to build upon this ambitious announcement to achieve a more sustainable, and equitable transportation system that incorporates natural resources and prioritizes the voices of communities most impacted. 

ClimatePlan is a network of non-profit organizations working together for a healthier, more vital California. Notable publications include Lead the Way, California: A Transportation Platform to Move Us Forward.

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