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The Coalition for Clean Air is a California-based nonprofit working to protect public health, improve air quality and prevent climate change. In the last 50 years, they have successfully sponsored the California Clean Cars law, established Smog Check for trucks, and passed legislation to invest billions of dollars of funding for reducing pollution and providing services and jobs in disadvantaged communities. Continue to read more about Coalition for Clean Air's work and learn how to get involved!

ClimatePlan is excited to use our platform to feature one of our network partners Coalition for Clean Air and the work they're doing - thank you Sofia Rafikova for contributing this blog!

(From left) Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, Coalition for Clean Air President and CEO, welcoming Nailah Pope-Harden, ClimatePlan Executive Director, as an honoree at the 2022 California Air Quality Awards hosted by CCA on June 17. Also on stage are honorees: Patty Monahan, CA Energy Commissioner, and Dawn Fenton, Volvo North America Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs. Image provided by CCA.

The following responses were provided to ClimatePlan by Sofia Rafikova, Policy Advocate for Coalition for Clean Air. ClimatePlan is excited to feature our network partners on our blog. Note that the views, positions, and work of ClimatePlan's network partners is their own and does not represent the views, positions, and work of ClimatePlan. If you or your organization are interested in contributing a blog for consideration, please email Moiz Mir at [email protected]

Tell us about your organization: Where do you work? What issues do you focus on? How is the organization structured?

Founded in 1971, the Coalition for Clean Air began in response to the smog pollution crisis in Los Angeles. Our mission is to protect public health, improve air quality and prevent climate change. The Coalition for Clean Air is a nonprofit with nine staff at our offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, allowing our team to work on regional, local and statewide issues. Our current priorities include vehicle electrification, replacing dirty diesel engines, and providing clean mobility to all Californians.

What project(s) and initiative(s) is your organization currently working on?

The Coalition for Clean Air works with legislators, regulators, non-profit and labor allies, and green businesses to reduce greenhouse gasses and air pollution. We support robust, smart regulation complemented by sustainable incentive funding and visionary, equitable planning. We’re backing standards that will clean up cars, buses, trucks, and other freight equipment and seeking implementation of the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) to align major transportation funding programs with the need to reduce emissions. Additionally, CCA supports Proposition 30, the Clean Air initiative on the November Ballot. This measure would increase income taxes for those earning above $2 million and invest that funding into wildfire prevention and suppression, making zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) more affordable for low- and middle-income consumers, putting non-polluting trucks and buses on the road, and expanding ZEV charging and fueling infrastructure.

How do these advance the climate movement?

The Coalition for Clean Air's goals of reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT), transitioning to zero-emission vehicles, and promoting sustainable transportation alternatives are all a part of our mission to combat climate change. By taking traditional cars off the road and replacing them with ZEVs and public and active transport, California can significantly reduce emissions from the transportation sector, the largest source of carbon pollution. CCA holds legislators and regulators accountable for delivering clean air and a healthy climate for California.

How can ClimatePlan network members get involved or stay connected?

If you are interested in supporting CCA’s work, please join us for Clean Air Day on October 5th. Organizations and individuals can join CCA in pledging to make a difference in air quality by planting a tree, taking public transit to work, or biking to the grocery store. Clean Air Day also supports local events across California designed to spread awareness. Click here to learn more about the events in your area and how you can participate. 

If you want to stay in touch with CCA on what we are doing to improve air quality in California, please consider subscribing to our e-mailing list at

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