Clean Air Day 2022 - ClimatePlan's Committment

ClimatePlan is excited to join the Coalition for Clean Air and partners across California in celebrating Clean Air Day! With our statewide focus on the intersection of climate, public health, and equity, ClimatePlan's commitment to clean air is as intrinsic as the air we breathe.

Beyond the policies and solutions we work to advance, preserving clean air is part of our daily operations. With our staff made up of a team distributed across the state's regions, ClimatePlan has been working primarily remotely and saving transportation emissions long before it became necessary because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading for more about how each of our team members interact with clean air and the environment around us!

Updated October 13th to reflect additional information about events that took place during and after Clean Air Day on October 5th.

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All photos taken and provided by the respective staff member.

Nailah, based in Sacramento

Nailah was recently selected as an honoree for the 2022 California Air Quality Awards, an event hosted by the Coalition for Clean Air on June 17.

As a leader Nailah has long been setting an example of not just advocating for solutions through our work, but grounding in transformatively living our values. Every day Nailah takes one of her meetings outside, usually her last call of the day in her backyard. Here's a quick description from Nailah about this photo of her son Naeem: "We love grabbing a bunch of snacks and spending the afternoon in the park!"

Nicole, based in the Bay Area

For Clean Air Day, I am reflecting on how my actions match what I have been advocating for. (More walking and biking, less driving). I am proud to be able to make most of my trips by walking or taking transit. But, I struggle to not order out because of the convenience. I am committed to meal-prepping more lunches or walking to get lunch, instead of DoorDashing. I also will start going to the local farmers market to get my produce locally. The first meal I would love to make is a spicy cucumber salad that you can find at Din Tai-Fung.


Sandy, based in National City

Clean Air Day is important to me to celebrate the efforts on tackling toxic air pollution by enjoying amenities at open spaces with my two young children. My daughter Frida (Age 7) and my son JJ (Age 5) love to play at Pepper Park where they get to go on the swings and run around the playground by the San Diego Bay. It brings me joy to see how my children value open spaces like Pepper Park as it serves as a critical role in the fight against air pollution and the climate crisis by mitigating heat and reducing air pollution.

Celebrating Clean Air is not just remembering it on one day but it is about celebrating a lifestyle that empowers the right to have Clean Air. It is a true honor for me to be able to share that with my children as it has been my passion to advocate for Clean Air as a policy advocate for ClimatePlan, Port Commissioner for the Port of San Diego, and as a mother raising the next generation. My hope is that my children will continue the legacy of celebrating Clean Air and that they will empower the next generations to hold Clean Air as a right for all to have.

Moiz, based in Sacramento

As I think about how preserving clean air plays a role in my life I'm reflecting on how so often the call and rush to urgency tangibly shapes the world around us - in an exchange between an unsustainable speed at the cost of precious resources, like access to clean and healthy air for all.

I'm excited to be part of an organization like ClimatePlan whose work advances the co-benefits of local air quality, climate resilience, and emission reductions through systemic change in our institutions. I am committed to making space to slow down more in my day-to-day routine, taking inspiration from Nailah to take more of my meetings outside. This picture is a selfie I took during a walking meeting at Cesar Chavez Plaza with representatives of the City of Sacramento, during which we discussed a resolution for the City Council to recognize Clean Air Day! 


On October 5th, a fireside chat was held by Nora Vargas, the Vice Chair of the California Air Resources Board, in San Diego on the topic of Advancing Air Quality in Our Region's Frontline Communities featuring our staff member Sandy! See picture provided by Sandy.

On October 11th, the City of Sacramento resolved as part of Clean Air Day to recognize our staff member Moiz! See pictures provided by Moiz of the resolution, associated with the agenda item: Special Presentation B Recognizing Climate Resilience - Presented by Councilmember Valenzuela and Councilmember Guerra.

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