Recap: Rallying with Frontline EJ Leaders on urging CARB to adopt a bold and equitable Scoping Plan

Members of the ClimatePlan network rallied with hundreds of environmental justice activists at the June 23rd California Air Resources Board (CARB) meeting, urging the board to adopt a strong and equitable Scoping Plan. The 2022 draft Scoping Plan outlines a suite of strategies to move California in meeting their targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and harmful air pollutants across various sectors. Many members of the ClimatePlan network have participated in the stakeholder process by advocating for near term solutions that will get California moving on carbon neutrality with an emphasis on protecting the public health of frontline communities adversely impacted by pollution and a push to expand renewable energy that will help create good sustainable jobs.


Unfortunately, CARB’s 2022 draft Scoping Plan falls short on climate and equity goals and has led to hundreds of environmental justice activists and many of the members of our ClimatePlan network to mobilize publicly on expressing their concerns about how California will fail its commitment on promoting a healthy and sustainable California. Below is a high-level summary of concerning proposals in the 2022 draft Scoping Plan prepared by CARB:

  • Fails to meet the statutory emission reduction targets of 2030 and 2045
  • Proposes for 10 GW of new gas capacity (equivalent to 33 large new gas power plants)
  • Proposes to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by 12% in 2030 and 22% by 2045
  • Delays the phase out of new combustion medium and heavy-duty truck sales in 2040
  • Lacks acceleration for the phase out of new fossil fuel appliances in commercial and residential buildings
  • Relies on unproven Carbon Capture Sequestration technology.



  1. Advocates are calling on CARB to have a Scoping Plan address the shortfalls with the following:
  2. Oil Extraction and Refining: Phase out fossil fuel extraction by 2035 and refining by 2045
  3. Electric Power:  No new gas-fired generation and 0 MMT GHG by 2035
  4. Transportation: Increase VMT reduction to 30% by 2035, achieve 75% zero emission passenger vehicle sales by 2030, and 100% medium- and heavy-duty truck sales by 2035.
  5. Buildings: Phase out sales of new gas appliances by 2030 and ensure a full decommissioning of the distribution system by 2045.
  6. Hard to Decarbonize Sectors: Take an environmentally just approach to the final, hard-to-decarbonize emissions that avoids unnecessarily extending or exacerbating pollution burdens.



Youth testifying for #OurClimateFuture at CARB 6.23.22 Hearing. Activists rallied for #OurClimateFuture at CARB Scoping Plan 6.23.22 Hearing. Photos of crowds of youth and activists in the CARB scoping plan meeting room.

On the day of the scoping plan meeting June 23rd 2022, activists and youth from across CA came to the California EPA building in Sacramento to testify during public comment and rally outside the building. ClimatePlan Policy Advocate Sandy stayed on the virtual line to leave a public comment, in a queue of over 450 people including those attending in person.

The images to the right are screenshots from the scoping plan meeting recording, showing (1, top) youth organizers from Youth vs Apocalypse testifying as part of the #OurClimateFuture campaign at the CARB hearing and (2) the broader coalition of activists present in the meeting room, at one point chanting in the chamber.

ClimatePlan Communications Assistant Moiz was also present in Sacramento, where outside of the building the coalition of activists held a rally with press, representatives of climate and environmental organizations, indigenous leaders, and speakers from environmental justice communities sharing their stories from across California. He took the photo below of Sacramento-based musician Camilla Covington who was invited to sing at the end of the rally. Also pictured are a mural, quilt, and various signs.








After listening to over 8 hours of public testimony, CARB members had a robust discussion on Friday June 24th to discuss their perspectives on the 2022 draft Scoping Plan.  Individual board members acknowledged the concerns raised by activists and there was a broad consensus that the draft must do better by ensuring that the Scoping Plan signals for positive climate outcomes that will protect our community and generations to come.  

There will be a next round of listening sessions and an updated draft Scoping Plan will be released for review in September.

It is important that we all stand up for #OurClimateFuture and stay engaged on what CARB ultimately approves. If you want to be involved and learn more about the Scoping Plan process, please contact Sandy Naranjo at [email protected]

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