California legislators get a lesson in Sustainable Communities!

Last week, ClimatePlan celebrated a milestone in Sacramento, hosting our first legislative briefing, Building Sustainable Communities.  The event, which was co-sponsored by the Honorable Speaker John A. Pérez, drew over fifty legislators, staffers, and members of the public who were eager to learn more about creating healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.  With one of the highest influx of freshman legislators in years, it was vital to inform incoming legislators on the importance of SB 375 and their role to ensure its success in California.  We highlighted the connection between transportation, affordable housing, public health, and conservation and how we can achieve benefits for all Californians with smart planning.

Our opening speaker, Acting Business, Transportation, and Housing Secretary Brian Kelly, kicked off the briefing with an inspiring introduction that showcased the transformation that’s taken place in California’s transportation planning over the past several years.  Secretary Kelly explained how AB 32 and SB 375 served as a catalyst to bring regional transportation agencies together to work with advocates and the state to create healthy and livable communities with a variety of multi-modal options.

Then, ClimatePlan’s Steering Committee utilized their expertise to paint the picture of the newly emerging transportation and land-use framework where communities and regions across California are changing how they plan for future growth to ensure it is healthier, more equitable, and better for the environment.  Each speaker highlighted the amazing opportunities in infill, affordable housing, public health, and equity to create the type of communities we need.  However, speakers also alerted attendees to potential challenges ahead, and  legislators and staffers were given information on a variety of legislative tools to overcome some of the challenges.

For those who could not attend, we’ve included a link below to the materials from the briefing as well as contact information for each of our speakers.

Download the presentation: Building Sustainable Communities (10MB pdf)


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