Sustainable development and tenant protections go hand in hand

The status quo approach to housing and development in California doesn’t work. Housing is too expensive and commutes are too long; climate pollution is growing and natural landscapes are suffering. Instead of limiting growth to sprawl, we need new investment and focused development in infill areas. However, with investment comes change. Coupled with infill, we need nuanced policy that protects and directs benefits to the Californians already living and working in these communities. Families, students, seniors—all Californians and especially the most vulnerable—need be protected from displacement. No one should be forced out of their home by arbitrary evictions and egregious rent increases—especially if rising costs are an indirect result of new development incentivized by public policy. That’s why ClimatePlan is proud to support the Keep Families Home package, including AB 36 (Bloom), AB 1481 (Bonta), and AB 1482 (Chiu).

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Just released: ClimatePlan’s Commitment to Investment without Displacement

We are thrilled to release our newest platform: ClimatePlan’s Commitment to Investment without Displacement. A broad base of ClimatePlan partners worked together to develop a shared goal and set of nine principles to help ensure that investment benefits residents—especially renters, low-income people of color, and other vulnerable populations—and does not displace them.

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Inside Look: How to get California back on track to meet its climate goals

The California Air Resources Board recently reported that although the state has already met its 2020 goals, California is not on track to meet the 2030 climate goals. Emissions from the transportation sector is increasing despite successful advances in fuel efficiency and vehicle electrification. Why? Because the amount of driving is increasing. With the high cost of housing near jobs and few other options than to drive, Californians are being forced to spend more time in their cars.

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4th Climate Assessment - A special briefing for ClimatePlan partners

On February 15th, 2019, ClimatePlan hosted a special presentation for our network partners on the 4th National Climate Assessment, a critically important analysis of potential climate change impacts and steps that can be taken to avoid or reduce associated risks. Dr. Fred Lipschultz presented an overview of the National Climate Assessment, the California Climate Assessment, and participated in a question and answer session following the briefing.


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Carbon neutrality requires sustainable, equitable development

Governor Newsom wants 3.5 million new homes in California within the next 6 years. The type of housing that’s built, the location of new development, and the kind of transportation options connecting that housing to jobs and services will either increase greenhouse gas emissions or reduce emissions. If we build new housing near jobs and transit and adopt strong anti-displacement policies, then more Californians will have more options to get to work without driving long distances and emissions will decrease. But there’s even more to the impact of our housing, land use, and transportation decisions on our climate.

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