ClimatePlan is working on a Transportation Funding Guidelines Report Card

It is vital that transportation decisions are accessible, clear, and transparent so funding through state agencies can create resilient, healthy, and equitable communities in California.

We are developing a funding report card to evaluate how transportation programs align with ClimatePlan’s climate, health and equity values. Register for our Report card release webinar on April 5th: here

Update - Access the published report card now at:

Two years ago, ClimatePlan introduced the decolonizing transportation funding campaign. This campaign sets out to build an effective movement for a more transparent, shared, and accessible decision making process in transportation. Since then, a few things have happened that make this campaign more important than ever. 

  • CalSTA released the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure.
  • The Strategic Growth Council released the AB 285 report (AB 285 Report) to the legislature, which confirms funding is out of alignment with the state’s goals. It is in the initial process to develop actionable recommendations to align funding with state climate goals.
  • The federal government passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which enacted more federal transportation funding than ever before. For more information, look at our blog.

At ClimatePlan we've been working towards our goal of making transportation decisions more accessible.

Since the start of our campaign, we have built relationships with key policy makers, agencies and commissioners; provided feedback on CAPTI and the AB 285 report; provided input on the many guidelines process;  and worked with Caltrans and CTC to develop funding workshops with advocates to better understand funding.

Now we are developing a funding report card to evaluate how our transportation programs align with ClimatePlan’s climate, health and equity values. 

The Report Card: What's in it?

ClimatePlan staff analyzed ten transportation and land-use infrastructure funding programs across multiple state agencies. We evaluated whether the guidelines and available scoring rubrics included criteria that are important to ClimatePlan. We then scored the programs based on a two-point scale. 

The report card is limited in that it grades the intent, and doesn’t grade the outcome of these funding programs. However, understanding what is in the guidelines is the first step to strengthening the alignment between funding and the state’s goals. 

ClimatePlan will be releasing the report card on April 5. If you are interested in attending the webinar or joining our email list of the release, please register here.

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