An Education and a Great Pleasure

Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of working with ClimatePlan’s impressive network of over fifty non-profit partners, plus allies in public agencies, the private sector, and academia. Working with such smart, dedicated people — working with you — has been both an education and a great pleasure.

It is bittersweet to write this — my last blog post at ClimatePlan. I’m writing to say goodbye, and to thank you for the meaningful work and memorable experiences.

We’ve made a difference
Over the last two years, I have been proud to lead our work to win strong greenhouse-gas reduction targets and advance public health, social equity, conservation, and economic opportunity for all Californians. I’ve seen the state take important strides to implement the Sustainable Communities Act (SB 375). Today, all over the state, metropolitan regions are meeting greenhouse-gas reduction targets by reducing the need to drive — protecting our climate, cleaning up our air, and making neighborhoods healthier.

Of course, important work remains to be done, especially to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color benefit from these advances. With the passage of SB 1, the state has a new opportunity to align its spending with these priorities, to accomplish even more.

Looking forward to what comes next
I’m glad to be able to say that in my new role, I’ll be continuing to support progress in this field. I am joining the California Air Resources Board’s Sustainable Communities team, where I’ll be helping California meet its climate goals in a way that improves life for its residents. I’m excited to start — tomorrow!

I am also excited for ClimatePlan’s next chapter. Chanell Fletcher will step up as ClimatePlan’s new Director. With Chanell’s deep knowledge of the ClimatePlan network, policy expertise, vision, and leadership abilities — and with the support of the rest of the team — I know ClimatePlan will do great things.

Thank you
I appreciate the important work that all of you do, and I am grateful to have shared these years, and this work, with you.

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