2024 Mid-year check in on Sacramento EJ efforts

Originally written on June 28th, 2024 as an email newsletter.

Thank you for following the Sacramento Environmental Justice Collaborative Governance Committee (EJCGC).

As announced last month, ClimatePlan is in the process of some exciting transitions including long-term planning and hiring for our next Executive Director; learn more at https://www.climateplan.org/2024_ed?splash=1

ClimatePlan has not been convening monthly EJCGC meetings this year like we did in 2023, but it's still been a busy first half of 2024 as work on matters of environmental justice continues to be ongoing in our community.

Preview of announcements below:
  • Opposing the proposed Daytime Camping Ban ordinance
  • Sacramento County Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force seeks applicants
  • BIPOC Climate CA network planning a summer get-together in Sacramento
  • Fighting for the RYDE Free RT program in the City budget
  • Defending the existence of Camp Resolution

Following are some ongoing efforts and opportunities to engage:

- Opposing the proposed Daytime Camping Ban ordinance

Today's Supreme Court decision on Grants Pass has the potential to reignite an effort we succeeded in pushing back earlier this year. During the period of December 2023 - January 2024, I mobilized an effort with members of Sacramento's environmental justice advocacy community and sought organizational sign-ons to a letter petitioning against Councilmember Eric Guerra and Rick Jennings' Daytime Camping Ban ordinance proposal.

I shared a version of this letter in a meeting with Councilmember Guerra in January, and we succeeded in convincing him to pull his proposed item.

If you'd like your organization to sign on to an updated iteration of the letter, please fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/jt7cPyueHqmd4F6eA

To prepare in anticipation of the possibility that a Daytime Camping Ban proposal is brought back, we are again asking concerned organizations to join us in expressing their opposition by filling out the form. Even if your logo and signature is already on the draft letter, especially since it's been about half a year, please fill out the form to confirm that your organization would like to be listed.

There is also a form for individuals to sign onto the petition here: https://secure.everyaction.com/HuXypySc5EmmpEYmgrn_Kg2

- Sacramento County Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force seeks applicants

"Sacramento County is accepting applications for membership on the Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force (Task Force). The Task Force’s primary focus is gathering public input to provide informed recommendations to the County on actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. Several positions are available: see the Task Force website for details.

We invite anyone who has a commitment to collaboration, equity, and partnerships in advancing public policy to apply. Task Force members are expected to:

  • Attend one regular meeting a month (plus the possibility of one or two subcommittee meetings/events per month). Regular meetings for 2024 occur on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at 700 H Street, Sacramento.
  • Dedicate 2-6 hours per month to research/correspondence/outreach.
  • Complete ethics training and file annual financial disclosures related to conflicts of interest.

Candidates should be willing to represent a diversity of viewpoints and work collaboratively with all stakeholders. Members are compensated $70 per meeting.

Mailed or electronic submissions are permitted. Questions, requests for assistance, or requests for alternative formats should be directed to the contact below.

Jason Scott-Sheets Sustainability
Program Office of the County Executive | County of Sacramento
700 H Street, Suite 7650 | Sacramento, CA  95814
[email protected]
Tel (916) 875-2355

To learn more about the Taskforce, visit their webpage. "

- BIPOC Climate CA network planning a summer get-together in Sacramento

The CA BIPOC Climate Network* is hoping to have regional summer get-togethers.

As someone based locally (and who helped organize last year's gathering) I happen to be coordinating the effort to plan a get-together in Sacramento!

If you identify as BIPOC and are interested, please fill out this quick form to help gauge interest and availability in a gathering this summer in Sacramento: https://forms.gle/5zpBNHugqeGgw8GbA

*A California statewide network for and by Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) in climate, sustainability, and environmental professions in local government, community-based organizations, academic, and nonprofits. If interested in joining or inviting new members to the network, please let me know.

Here's a recap of some recent efforts these past 6 months:

- Fighting for the RYDE Free RT program in the City budget

In the past few months, ClimatePlan joined community efforts to advocate at Sacramento City Council budget (now adopted) meetings to ensure that the RYDE Free RT program, which provides free transit passes to youth in Sacramento, would remain funded.

See ClimatePlan's letter summarizing our advocacy to Sacramento Mayor Steinberg: here

- Defending the existence of Camp Resolution

The story of Camp Resolution is one that touches on many aspects of environmental justice - intersecting with matters of: self-determination and tension with local governments, historic air quality and groundwater contamination concerns, and stable access to shelter, water, and energy in a Sacramento that is increasingly getting hotter. Their story comes up frequently in local news, and is documented best by the camp residents themselves in various forms of media.

Earlier this year I supported a community education effort to research and clarify the environmental health concerns on behalf of Camp Resolution, while there remains an ongoing legal effort for the preservation of their stability. I compiled a summary of these factors as part of an advocacy effort in defense of Camp Resolution, which has since received confirmation of approval from the regional Water Board that the site may continue to be used to operate a safe parking program.

Staying safe this summer

As we approach another round of dangerously high temperatures, remember to stay cool and hydrated! Almost a year ago today, I hosted a conversation highlighting the work of Alchemist CDC to learn about their Community Cooling Stations program: https://youtu.be/-gs1O4ADTvM?si=y4L9A_G6DS2jgCwM&t=912

As you navigate your neighborhood, I hope the recording of that conversation can inspire you to think about even small ways that we can all contribute to climate resilience and interdependence and keep one another safe!

In community and with concern for all who call Sacramento home,

Moiz Mir (he, him)
(pronounced MOYZ MEER)
Network Manager, Interim Executive Director
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