The New ClimatePlan Team

Over the last year there have been many changes at ClimatePlan. While operating with a decreased capacity, ClimatePlan has been able to continue advocating for equitable climate solutions that protect our health, communities, and environment. On the other hand, we have been spreading ourselves thin to get it done. That makes this announcement so exciting - the ClimatePlan team has doubled in size! 

Stay tuned for more updates on how the ClimatePlan team will be dividing the work. In the meantime feel free to reach out and say hello.

Meet the new ClimatePlan team!

Nailah (nah-EE-lah) is the Executive Director of ClimatePlan. In her role at ClimatePlan,  she is responsible for expanding the network presence, cultivating new members, and ensuring the mission and vision of the organization are being carried out. She comes to this position with years of community organizing and coalitions building experience that spans neighborhood, regional, state, and national social justice campaigns. The through-line in Nailah’s personal and professional life is always ensuring her son has a healthy, safe, loving environment and future. She does this by building community everywhere she goes, learning from those around her, and being open to (transformative) change. Nailah is located in Sacramento. [email protected]

Sandy is the Policy Advocate of ClimatePlan. In her role at ClimatePlan, she is responsible for analyzing and tracking state policies and funding that will help defeat the climate crisis, promote public health and equity, protect natural and working lands, invest in sustainable transportation and promote ClimatePlan’s mission and vision.  Before this role, she has worked for over a decade in developing strong coalitions to help advance the labor and

environmental justice movements. Her passion for a just and equitable world was influenced by her immigrant parents' struggles in the US. She hopes to leave a better world for her children and for future generations. She is located in National City. [email protected]

Nicole is a policy assistant at ClimatePlan. She is responsible for supporting the policy advocate with research and material development. She also provides comments at state agency meetings, and administrative support when needed. Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. Previously, she worked on community engagement projects surrounding food insecurity in Colorado, and integrating land-use, transportation, and water planning in the Bay Area. She is passionate about connecting communities to resources, listening and adapting as a human being. [email protected]

Moiz (MOYZ) works as the Communications Assistant for ClimatePlan. In this role he is responsible for communications strategy to advance policies, campaigns, and events ClimatePlan supports, as well as maintaining communications platforms. He comes to this position with a background in community organizing around local and statewide fights for social and climate justice. His work has focused on demystifying civic engagement, and empowering people to shape policy outcomes through storytelling and public narrative. Moiz is located in Sacramento, where he continues to work with youth organizers and community members to create a more livable world. [email protected]

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