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SB 375 & Local Government

Successful implementation of SB 375 will help California communities by stimulating job growth and economic recovery, saving tax dollars, improving air quality, and making our communities healthier. In this section, local government leaders can find reports, toolkits, and other resources to help make informed decisions as they move forward with SB 375 implementation.



Fact Sheets

Smart Growth is Healthy Growth
This fact sheet was created by the American Lung Association in California to help elected officials understand the health benefits of building mixed-use, sustainable communities.
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SB 375 and Cities
This fact sheet provides critical information for local government leaders as they work together to implement SB 375 and develop Sustainable Communities Strategies.
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Quick Fact

A 2010 report found that focusing new residential development in areas that are already close to jobs, services, and amenities could save California taxpayers more than $194 billion in capital infrastructure costs by 2050.


Publications and Tools

Building Better Budgets
By Smart Growth America – May 2013
Local governments across the country have compared development strategies to understand their impact on municipal finances and many municipalities have found that a smart growth approach would improve their financial bottom line. However, no national survey has examined these savings as a whole until now. This report is the first to aggregate those comparisons and determine a national average of how much other communities can expect to save by using smart growth strategies.
Learn more and download the report here.

Creating Healthy Regional Transportation Plans
By TransForm in collaboration with CA Department of Public Health – January 2012
This guide is intended to help demystify Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs), explain key components and requirements, identify ways to incorporate health-promoting strategies into RTPs, and showcase short case studies of improving community health through RTPs. It is intended for public health and sustainable transportation professionals as well as local government officials.
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Understanding SB375: Regional Planning for Transportation, Housing and the Environment
By the Institute for Local Government – 2011
This guide provides local officials with a concise introduction to regional planning as revised by SB 375, including how regional planning relates to cities and counties in a region.
Learn more and download the guide

CARB’s Toolkit for Local Governments
This toolkit from the California Air Resources Board is intended to to help local governments reduce costs and aid in meeting the state’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Model Policies for GHG in General Plans
This document provides background information, examples, references, links, and a systematic worksheet to help local governments in moving toward GHG considerations in General Plan updates or Climate Action Plans.
Download the document

Healthy Planning Policies: A Compendium from California General Plans
By ChangeLab Solutions
In the last few years, a new understanding of the built environment’s impact on health has brought the public health community and planners together to develop a variety of innovative land use policies that promote health. This report excerpts language from general plans that have gone a step beyond the traditional to build healthier communities, reflecting the growing diversity of strategies for integrating health into planning.
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Action Guide: Mixed-Income Transit-Oriented Development
By the Center for Transit Oriented Development and Reconnecting America
The action guide is a tool for local jurisdictions working to foster mixed-income transit-oriented development (TOD) around planned transit stations. The goal of this guide is to help practitioners identify the most appropriate and effective planning tools for achieving MITOD in their transit station area, and ultimately to facilitate the development of mixed-income communities across the United States.
Download the action guide

Visions of Sustainable Communities
This online tool, from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), uses photo-editing software to show how cities and towns from all over the country could create more pleasant, walkable neighborhoods. Explore more than 70 scenarios and see how we can give new life to communities by applying various smart growth principles.
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Moving Cooler: An Analysis of Transportation Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
By Cambridge Systematics, Inc. – Published by the Urban Land Institute – July 2009
This study provides an objective and scientific analysis of the effectiveness and cost of almost 50 scalable transportation strategies, both alone and combined, to reduce GHG emissions.
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Recommendations from Local Government Leaders

Local Government Resolutions Submitted to the Air Resources Board – Support of SB 375
September 2010
Download the resolutions

Testimony from City of Los Angeles, presented by Legislative Aide, Alejandro Esparza – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
Download the testimony

Letter from City of Pasadena, Mayor Bill Boggard – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
Download letter

Letter from Sacramento County, Chair of Board of Supervisors Roger Dickinson – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
Download letter

Letter from City of Sacramento, Councilmember Steve Cohn – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
Download letter

Letter from City of Patterson Councilmember Dominic Farinha – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
Download letter

Letter from City of Montclair, Mayor Paul Eaton – Support Strong SB 375 Targets
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Links for More Info

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ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (California region)

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