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Land Conservation

From our precious parks to awe-inspiring natural landscapes and world class farmland, California boasts some of the world’s best natural resources. And while we have already lost hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland and open space to development, we have an opportunity to change the way that we grow and conserve these precious resources.



Quick Fact:

If we continue with trend development patterns, we will double California’s urban footprint by 2050, consuming more than 5,500 square miles of farmland, open space, and recreation areas. Learn more

SB 375 & Land Conservation: Policy Recommendations

The Nature Conservancy – Comment Letter to Air Resources Board re: SB 375 Targets
Download the comment letter

Reports and Publications

Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: A Framework for Implementing Effective Farmland Conservation Policies in the San Joaquin Valley
By American Farmland Trust – January 2013
This report analyzes current efforts by Valley communities to preserve farmland and makes concrete recommendations to help stop farm and ranch land in the Valley from being inefficiently subdivided into housing developments and mini-malls.
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Download the report

Vision California: Charting Our Future
By Calthorpe Associates – June 2010

This analysis assesses the economic, energy, health, and land impacts of different ways to accommodate California’s expected growth. By measuring the impact of different growth scenarios, the report reinforces the fact that decisions we make now about how and where to build will have long-term consequences.
Download the summary and key findings
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California Agricultural Land Loss and Conservation: Basic Facts
By American Farmland Trust – 2009

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Contacts and Links for More Info

American Farmland Trust
The Nature Conservancy

Endangered Habitats League

Greenbelt Alliance

Pacific Forest Trust

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