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Communications & Organizing Tips

Effective communications is one of the most important pieces of any campaign.  This section contains information on creating compelling messages while working on SB 375 and Sustainable Communities Strategies, getting your messages out through traditional and social media, and building a successful campaign.





SB 375 Messaging Tips

ClimatePlan’s SB 375 Messaging Tips – February 2010
Download the document (pdf, 56 KB)


Focus Group Report & Recommendations: Regional Transportation & Local Development
Prepared for ClimatePlan by ActionMedia – June 2010
Download the report (pdf, 408 KB)


Communications Planning & Media Tips


Message & Media Toolkit
By the Great Communities Collaborative

This media toolkit was created by the Bay Area’s Great Communities Collaborative, and contains a number of helpful tips on working with the media and getting your stories covered.
Download the toolkit (pdf,130 KB)

Now Hear This: The Nine Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications
By Fenton Communications
Can you easily describe what your organization does and what it stands for? You’d be surprised how many don’t.
Download PDF
(2.54 MB)

In a Study Released Today…
By Fenton Communications

Ever feel frustrated that the only “ink” that you got for your last report was the ink it was printed with? This guide offers 10 tips for turning your report into a morning headline or a segment on the evening news.
Download PDF (3.41 MB)

Making a Name for Yourself: Branding for Nonprofits
By Fenton Communications

What is involved in creating a successful brand in today’s saturated market? In this guide, you’ll learn the fundamentals involved in creating a successful brand by examining great brands from the corporate and nonprofit sectors.
Download PDF
(1.33 MB)



Campaign Organizing


Saving Sierra Places: An Activist’s Toolkit for Winning Land Use Campaigns
By the Sierra Nevada Alliance

While this toolkit was written for groups working in the Sierra, it contains information that is helpful and relevant if you are planning a campaign anywhere in California.  The toolkit includes information on building a coalition, organizing your campaign, raising public awareness of your issue, working with decision makers, and more.  In addition, it was written by ClimatePlan Director Autumn Bernstein while she was working for the Sierra Nevada Alliance in 2006, so we know it’s good!
Download the toolkit (pdf, 1.19 MB)

“The Just Enough Planning Guide”
By Spitfire Strategies
Developed by Spitfire Strategies, and the Communications Leadership Institute, with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The Just Enough Planning Guide™ was developed to help those looking to create winning policy campaigns, issue campaigns, corporate campaigns or public education campaigns. Based on findings from a comprehensive search to find the perfect approach to campaign planning, this unique tool provides organizations and coalitions with just enough of a process for planning successful campaigns.
Learn more



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