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Become a Partner

TOD-MarketPlace-ULI_SFClimatePlan’s partners are a diverse array of advocacy groups who come together to create healthy, equitable, sustainable communities throughout California.

We monitor the implementation of SB 375 (the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act) as well as other land-use and transportation decision-making. We identify critical moments for input, send alerts to our network, and support effective advocacy in the state’s regions.

ClimatePlan provides our partners with research, communications and technical support; opportunities to connect with other advocates; and most importantly, the opportunity to have more impact as part of a broad network.

By becoming a ClimatePlan partner, your organization agrees to support ClimatePlan’s mission, vision and guiding principles, and to actively engage in shaping climate and land-use policy in California.

The Advantages of Being a Partner

• Make your advocacy more effective by joining with the many partners that are part of the ClimatePlan network.
• Stay abreast of what’s happening around transportation, land use, and climate policy and funding at the state and regional level.
• Get connected to experts who are working at the leading edge of land-use and climate policy, at ClimatePlan meetings, events, and networking opportunities.
• Have a voice in ClimatePlan decisions on policy, priorities, and strategy.
• Increase your visibility with your group’s name and/or logo on our website, in brochures, and other publications, as well as comment letters (as below).
• Have opportunities to support better policy for California. When ClimatePlan submits a comment letter, we will ask you if your organization wants to sign on. But ClimatePlan won’t advocate on your behalf without your express consent.

To Become a Partner

If you are a nonprofit organization that supports our mission, vision, and guiding principles, and are actively engaged in shaping transportation, climate, or land-use policy in California, we encourage you to become a partner.

Please download and complete the ClimatePlan partner application form and return by email (info “AT” climateplan “DOT” org) or fax (510-740-3131, ATTN: Chanell Fletcher). If you have problems completing the form, or have questions about what it means for your organization to be part of the partnership, please contact Chanell Fletcher at chanell “AT” climateplan “DOT” org.

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