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CEQA Reform



The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is California’s landmark environmental law. While CEQA does not directly regulate land uses, it does require state and local agencies to follow a protocol of analysis, public disclosure and mitigation of potential impacts for every proposed project.

In recent years, CEQA has come under attack for hindering efforts to increase infill, transit-oriented development, bicycle plans, and affordable housing, amongst other things. In previous legislative sessions, a number of proposals have come forward to amend CEQA, and Senate President pro Tem Darrel Steinberg stated this year that he is committed to CEQA reform.  In the 2013 legislative session, a number of bills have been introduced that would make changes to the law. Click here to download a partial list of bills related to CEQA streamlining.

Several months ago, ClimatePlan teamed up with the Planning and Conservation League and Greenbelt Alliance to pull together a dialogue of diverse stakeholders – everyone from infill builders to environmental justice champions – to discuss the relationship between CEQA and infill development.

Over the course of four half-day meetings we found a surprising amount of consensus. So much consensus, in fact, that we decided to share our findings with leaders in Sacramento. In July, we submitted a letter to Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg, and Assembly Speaker Perez which outlined our consensus recommendations for CEQA.

To learn more, read our blog post, or download the full letter.

The Legislature was considering SB 731 (Steinberg), a bill that would make some changes to CEQA, but that bill was shelved a day before the end of the 2013 legislative session. Read more on our blog.



- Visit The Planning and Conservation League’s CEQA webpage.

- Watch a video from California Forward: Time for California to Get on the CEQA Reform Bus?


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