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What We Do

When SB 375 was signed into law in late 2008, ClimatePlan’s partners recognized an exciting new avenue for advancing toward a healthier and more vital California. Our vision is of a California with thriving cities and healthy, comfortable neighborhoods that are safe for walking and biking.

In this vision, all communities have clean air and water, and residents of all economic circumstances have more choices about where to live and work, and how to get around.

People can spend less time worrying about the prices of gas or of housing, less time stuck in traffic, and more time with their family and friends. And in this vision of California, we significantly reduce air pollution from our vehicles.

Strategic Plan

In September 2011, ClimatePlan completed a strategic planning process for the upcoming three years.  We identified three primary goals, listed below, and outlined the approach that we will take to achieve our goals.  Download the Strategic Plan here.

Goal 1:  Achieve strong first round Sustainable Communities Strategies.

Goal 2: Advance state policy reform and new funding to achieve the vision of SB 375.

Goal 3:  Build a stronger, broader movement to achieve long-term gains in California transportation and land use planning.

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